University of Utah Health Care and Sage's Cafe Healthy Eating!


University of Utah Health Care and Sage's Cafe Healthy Eating!

Enter Below to win a $25 Sage's Cafe Gift Card because maintaining a healthy diet is one of the most important things you can do for yourself!

Eating healthy doesn't have to feel like dieting. It just means eating smart by incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains into your everyday diet.

Fall can be a tricky time of year to navigate when it comes to healthy eating. Holidays, social gatherings and cold weather often lead us to eat more than we need to, and eat foods high in sugar and fat.

The following tips can help you stick to a smart eating plan. Remember, eating healthy isn't about depriving yourself. It's about filling your plate with all the delicious foods that are healthy, fresh, and satisfying.

Holiday Tips:
Include your kids in all the holiday cooking.  Kids that learn to cook are less picky about their food and grow up to be healthful eaters!  Here are some common guidelines and ideas:
•         Five and six year olds
Stir instant pudding, snap green beans, prepare lettuce for a salad, press cookie cutters, pour liquids into batter
•         Seven and eight year olds
Rinse vegetables, shuck corn, mix and shake ingredients, beat eggs, measure dry ingredients
•         Nine and 10 year olds
Knead bread dough, stir hot mixtures, blend batters, broil foods in toaster oven, cut foods with a table knife
•         Children age 10 and older
Slice or chop vegetables, boil potatoes, microwave foods, bake foods in the oven, simmer ingredients on the stove.
Plan the menu to have a reasonable amount of food with some leftovers.  3 vegetable dishes, salad and turkey is a wonderful meal.   Serve one type of pie or as few as you can get by with.  The fact is, people eat more dessert when offered more options.
Plan a tradition for the friends and family that is active such as a family Turkey Trot, a scavenger hunt or other diversions from constant eating or watching football.

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