AC/DC's Bon Scott To Have Monument Erected In Hometown

Bon Scott, late frontman for AC/DC, has had a statue of him commissioned in his hometown of Kirriemuir, Scotland. Sculptor John McKenna was selected by the town to carve the stone likeness of the wild man, who died at the age of 33 in 1980.

"It's early days but it's a great honour," McKenna told Britain's the Daily Record. "Bon Scott was an icon from my teenage years."

Former AC/DC bassist Mark Evans, who backed the project, spoke with Ultimate Classic Rock on the significance of the honor.

"It's so amazing that Bon is getting honoured like this, especially since Scotland is such an important place in the history of AC/DC," he said. "Bon already had a street named after him in Kirriemuir and now this!"

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