Neil Young Encourages Young People To Start Farming At 2012 Farm Aid

Neil Young was one of many rockers to take the stage for this year's annual Farm Aid concert on September 22 at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania. He was joined by a host of rock luminaries including Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp at the annual charity event.

Young told media at the event that young people need to recognize the urgency of the dilemma facing farmers:

"We are not going anywhere - we are going to stay right here and fight as long as we can stand," he vowed. "Farmers out there have got to get together, even more than they have so far, so that all farmers have a big voice. Be a rebel. Become a farmer. It's a mission from God. We need young blood on the farm."

Nelson also spoke up on behalf of farmers:

"I'm very sorry that we have to be here, because this problem should have been solved many years ago."

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