Gene Simmons' Daughter Sophie Tries Out For X Factor

Sophie Tweed-Simmons, daughter of legendary rocker Gene Simmons, tried out for X Factor, and did enough to advance to the next round.

While waiting to audition, Tweed-Simmons waited with her parents along with all the other contestants. Tweed-Simmons wanted to go unnoticed, but it wasn't long before people started recognizing her parents:

"I don't wanna be, 'Oh, Gene Simmons daughter sings.' I want to prove to myself that I have talent, that I have the X Factor and that I can do this."

Even though the judges voted to send Tweed-Simmons through to the next round, they did admit she needed some work:

"I didn't quite get the chill bumps that I wanted to get from you" before turning her down. But Britney Spears, Lovato, and Simon Cowell all passed her forward," said L.A. Reid.

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