Neil Young And Crazy Horse Releases 'Walk Like A Giant'

Neil Young and Crazy Horse have released a new song called "Walk Like a Giant," which appears on their newest album, Psychedelic Pill.

The track is being released in its full-length 16-minute version as well as a shorter radio single. This cut from the album is reminiscent of Young's youth, when he believed the music he was making was going to stir up a revolution.

"I used to walk like a giant on the land / Now I feel like a leaf floating in a stream," Young sings. "Me and some of my friends, we were gonna save the world / We were trying to make it better / But then the weather changed and the white got stained, and it fell apart / And it breaks my heart to think about how close we came."

This song features several long passages, which incorporate free-form guitar solos typical of the style of Young and Crazy Horse.

Psychedelic Pill will be released on October 30.

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