Beatles Remasters To Be Released On Vinyl November 13

The Beatles will re-release their original studio album remasters to vinyl on November 13. In 2009, the 14 albums-the 12 U.K. originals plus the U.S. version of Magical Mystery Tour and Past Masters Volumes One and Two-were released to compact disc.

The new set will be pressed on 180-gram vinyl, boxed in a limited-edition case and packaged with a 252-page hardbound book written by producer Kevin Howlett.

The book includes photos and liner notes with back stories on the creation of each album and information on the restoration of the recordings for the vinyl pressings. Each chapter will be devoted to one album.

There will be 50,000 box sets available for purchase, priced at $399.99, and available via Amazon for pre-order. Each LP will be available separately for $25-$30.

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