Neil Young Readying New Pono Audio Format And Music Players For Release

Neil Young has announced the launch of his new audio format Pono. The rock legend has been an outspoken critic of the sound quality on digital audio files and says that Pono will bring "the best sound anyone can get."

According to, the files will be played on digital audio player that resembles an Apple iPod. The site notes that it features a bright yellow prism in the center, a large screen and simple controls. It will be released to the consumer marketplace in 2013.

Young already has the support of several major record labels for the project, which he says could "save the sound of music" in his autobiography. He has also has a ringing endorsement from Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, who tells Rolling Stone:

"It's not like some vague thing that you need dogs' ears to hear. It's a drastic difference."

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