New Footage Of Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Unveiled

The Beatles have released previously unreleased footage from their 1967 film Magical Mystery Tour in anticipation of the film's re-issuing. The previously unreleased footage features the Fab Four taking a break from the tour at a fish bar in Taunton, Somerset.

The movie documented the band on a coach trip to the seaside. It was disliked by critics and audiences alike upon its broadcast on the BBC.

The BBC is airing the documentary on October 6 for the first time in 33 years. It follows a new documentary, Arena: the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour, which examines the film's "artistic merit and cultural significance."

"Few people have seen Magical Mystery Tour in its entirety and the material in the chip shop has never been shown anywhere. It captures perfectly the fabulous world of the Beatles at this time," Anthony Wall, the doc's editor said.

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