Ozzy Osbourne To Join Sharon's 60th Birthday Bash On The Talk

Ozzy Osbourne will join his wife Sharon on The Talk, the CBS chat program, to help celebrate his wife's 60th birthday.

Other special guests slated to pop up on the program are Sharon's daughter Kelly (Fashion Police) and Nick Cannon, who co-starred on America's Got Talent along with Sharon. Meanwhile, there is no word on whether Sharon's son Jack will also appear on the show.

Earlier this year, she had Jack on after he had learned about his multiple sclerosis diagnosis. He spoke candidly of his diagnosis, and, by all reports, it was an emotional episode of the typically light-hearted program.

The Talk, featuring special birthday guest Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon's "Fabulous 60th Birthday Extravaganza," airs Tuesday, October 9.

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