Pete Townshend Says His Lyrics Made Him Realize He Needed Therapy

Pete Townshend, guitarist for the Who, recently appeared on Today to promote his forthcoming autobiography, Who I Am. During the interview, he said that the morose tenor of his songwriting prompted him to seek professional help.

"It didn't define my music but it definitely came out in it. I could see evidence of it in my music that actually did lead me to get therapy to look at just that, because I could see it in the lyrics, you know, that I'd had trouble as a kid. I don't want to delve too deeply. I don't know how much I would gain from going into it," he said during the interview.

The rocker's autobiography is due to be released today. According to his publisher HarperCollins, Townshend will be going on a short book tour on the U.S. East Coast to promote the book.

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