Jimi Hendrix's Father Told His Son He Couldn't Sing

According to Jimi Hendrix's sister, Janie, their father told Jimi that he could not hack it as a singer. Janie recounted the memorable moment in an interview with Music Radar:

"Jimi never thought he was much of a singer. My dad was a decent singer and he could be brutally honest. He would say, 'You can't sing, so it's good you can play guitar.' He was very supportive of him in the guitar arena, but he was just being honest."

Janie is currently prepping a Hendrix lyric book, Jimi Hendrix: the Ultimate Lyric Book. The 304-page hard cover volume will be published by Backbeat on November 13.

"No one knows he wrote more than 110 songs", she says. "We unearthed some unpublished songs."

The book is available for pre-order ($40) at Backbeat.com now.

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