Peter Frampton Multidisc Releases Due Out In November

Peter Frampton is prepping the release of a live two disc DVD, FCA! 35: an Evening with Peter Frampton, and three CD set, The Best of FCA! 35 Tour.

The set features Frampton's favorite tunes recorded over the course of the tour and selected by Frampton himself:

"My MO in choosing these tracks was to make this CD as representative as possible of the entire year of shows. Maybe there's one you were at, whether you're from Europe or the US. I'm still going through the 116 versions of 'Do You Feel.' as I write this! I might never want to play it again, so you better pick this CD up just in case!"

Frampton toured from 2011 to 2012 in celebration of the 35th anny of his 17 million selling live set, Frampton Comes Alive!. The two DVD, three CD set is due November 13.

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