Phil Lynott's Mother Visits Grave Daily And Kicks It

Philomena Lynott, the mother of Thin Lizzy star Phil Lyott, says she visits her son's grave daily to remember her son, pour water over it to "wash his face," and, finally, to kick it. Speaking with BBC News, she said that the kick is for his leaving the world before his time.

"I still listen to his music every single day and I'm able to visit his grave as it's only around the corner from my house in Sutton, Co Dublin. I go over and I pour water on to his gravestone. I call it washing his face. Then when I leave I give him a kick . . . for breaking my heart."

The "Dancing in the Moonlight" writer died of complications from pneumonia and heart failure after abusing drugs for many years. Phil was 36 at the time he passed.

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