Neil Young's Audiobook Narrated By Keith Carradine

The audiobook version of Neil Young's acclaimed memoir Waging Heavy Peace is narrated by actor Keith Carradine (Dexter, Deadwood).

Rolling Stone says, "Waging Heavy Peace isn't a traditional rock memoir. Written throughout 2011, it addresses everything from the recent Crazy Horse reunion back to the formation of Buffalo Springfield - but it's presented in a completely non-linear way."

"Young also stops the narrative from time to time to complain about the audio quality of MP3s and go into detail about his on-going electric car project. The end result is a glimpse right into Young's brain," the rock mag adds.

Carradine has long been a musician himself. In 1975, he performed his own song "I'm Easy" in the movie Nashville, which won a Golden Globe and an Oscar.

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