Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz Join NFL Pepsi Anthems

Aerosmith and Lenny Kravitz are the latest artists to team up with Pepsi and the NFL to produce songs for individual football teams.

Steven Tyler and the boys from Boston have recorded "Legendary Child - Patriots Anthem" for the New England Patriots, while Kravitz has recorded "Like a Jet" for the New York Jets.

In a statement, Tyler said that Patriot fans would thrill to the new track while supporting their team:

"This is a program the band and I were excited to get behind as it is a true representation of our allegiance to the New England Patriots and the city of Boston. Hearing our song being played as the soundtrack at all the tailgate parties to every touchdown is a testament to all the diehard Aerosmith fans in New England . . . GO PATS!"

Fans can listen to the team specific tunes and download them at

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