Stephen Stills Opens Up About Failed Buffalo Springfield Reunion

Buffalo Springfield guitarist Stephen Stills has opened up about the band's forestalled reunion, which, he says, failed when Neil Young decided to work on a new album with Crazy Horse instead.

"It left me in a lurch for three quarters and ruined my financial planning," Stills told Rolling Stone.

"Also, 150 people got laid off that were supposed to work on the tour. We were supposed to work for most of the summer. We didn't go all that trouble for seven shows. That's what impetuosity will do for you. You can't go off half-cocked . . . When Neil is involved you anything you need a seatbelt."

The surviving members of Buffalo Springfield re-formed after 42 years to play Young's 2010 Bridge School Benefit. The next year they played seven shows, including a set at Bonnaroo.

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