Original Lineup Of Blue Oyster Cult Reunites In New York City

Blue Oyster Cult convened in New York City on Monday (November 5) for a one-off performance at the Best Buy Theater.

The performance included the band's original members-Allen Lanier (keyboards, guitar), Albert Bouchard (drums, percussion), Joe Bouchard (bass), Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser (guitar) and Eric Bloom (lead vocals, rhythm guitar)-and featured a 22-song set.

Tracks played included "This Ain't the Summer of Love," "Lips in the Hills," "I Love the Night," "Harvester of Eyes," "The Red & the Black" and, of course, "(Don't Fear) the Reaper)."

On the same day as the NYC gig, the band released a 17-disc boxset, The Columbia Album Collections. The collection features the band's first 11 studio albums, from the 1972 debut up to 1988's Imaginos, along with three live albums, two audio discs of rarities and a "mythic" live DVD from 1978.

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