Bruce Springsteen Hug Leaves New Jersey Governor Chris Christie In Tears

Chris Christie met his hero, Bruce Springsteen, at a telethon for Hurricane Sandy relief and admits that the encounter got him worked up in the emotional department.

According to, the governor was on the receiving end of a warm embrace from the Boss and the physical connection made him cry:

"Yeah, we hugged and he told me it's official - we're friends."

"I told the President today actually that the hug was great and that when we got home there was a lot of weeping because of the hug. And the President said, 'Why?' I said, 'Well, to be honest, I was the one weeping, everyone else was fine."

Christie says he has attended over 130 Springsteen concerts and he recently made an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon during which he sung Springsteen's "Thunder Road."

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