Love Letters From Mick Jagger Set For Auction

A collection of love letters penned by Mick Jagger is set to hit the auction block next month. According to a report from the U.K.'s The Guardian the letters were written by Mick to Marsha Hunt, a former lover and the mother of his first child.

Hunt spoke with the newspaper explaining that the auction, which is going down in London, is purely a financial decision:

"I'm broke. Anyone who has the impression that I have money knows nothing about me."

She continues on to add that the letters provide a significant glimpse into the private life of an English hero as a younger man:

"This is Mick in his own words . . . This is part of English history, it is part of rock history, part of cultural history and it corrects all the misinformation and I think we live in a time when misinformation is swallowed as, 'well, who cares?' Facts are relevant. The sale is important. Someone, I hope, will buy those letters as our generation is dying and with us will go the reality of who we were and what life was."

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