INXS To Be Retire After 35 Years

INXS have reportedly played their last show after a career spanning 35 years. The band just wrapped a tour of Australia supporting Matchbox 20, and, at their final gig, announced the news.

The band's drummer Jon Farris told the audience in Perth that it was their last show, adding that he was "getting teary" before their performance of the hit track "I Need You Tonight."

In 2011, Farris, speaking with the Sydney Morning Herald, hinted that the band, despite their age, still loved life on the road:

"We do what we love to do, and that's play music together. And we haven't stopped. For us, the knife is never sharp enough; there's always things we hone."

"Yes I am (proud)," he added. "Other bands could have folded. I am proud of it because we've had such an incredible career. We didn't just stick around Australia; we risked everything and put it on a limb, and then we ended up huge everywhere in the world."

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