Rolling Stones Add Reunion Show In Brooklyn

The Rolling Stones have added a third venue to their upcoming 50th anniversary tour, announcing they will play a show at Brooklyn's newly erected Barclays Center on December 8. Tickets for the performance go on sale November 19.

The show comes between their concerts at London's O2 Arena (November 25 and 29) and their concerts at Newark, New Jersey's Prudential Center (December 13 and 15).

According to guitarist Keith Richards, fans can probably expect additional shows in 2013:

"This juggernaut, once it gets rolling, is almost unstoppable. 'Oh, an extra gig,' or, 'Let's play somewhere you've never played before.' So things go on. Right now, I'm just happy to have the thing rolling and moving. It'll be great, playing London and New York. The rest of it, it'll happen. Don't worry about it."

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