John Fogerty Lands Book Deal To Write Memoir

John Fogerty has landed a book deal with Little, Brown and Co. for an autobiography to be published sometime in 2014.

"I want to tell the story of how I fought - hard - to maintain my artistic integrity in the face of opposing forces," Fogerty said in a statement issued through his new publisher.

"I accomplished that goal against all odds, only to have it fall apart on top of me. The songs and the music stopped; you didn't hear from John Fogerty for years. All of this took its toll on me. I couldn't write a song, sing a song. And it was so hard on me, all of the lawsuits and betrayals. I was personally fading away. My story will share the ups and downs and how it all affected me," he added.

Fogerty is also expected to release a new album, Wrote a Song for Everyone, next year.

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