McCartney Urges No Turkey For Thanksgiving In PETA Campaign

Paul McCartney is featured in a new PETA ad urging people not to eat turkey over the holiday season. For the animal rights charity's new Christmas advertising campaign, the former Beatle dons an "eat no turkey" t-shirt beneath the slogan, "celebrate life this holiday season, go vegetarian."

McCartney says that in his home they will not be feasting on animals during their holiday celebrations:

"We eat a veggie roast at home, so if we have traditional moments like Christmas . . . the roast is perfect."

"It's completely vegetarian, but I can slice it, so I can do all my traditional dad things. We can do our family stuff with it, and it's delicious, so I much prefer that to my memory of turkey."

On the music front, McCartney is reportedly working on a new album, the follow-up to his collection of jazz covers, Kisses On The Bottom.

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