Alice Cooper Says Rock N' Roll Keeps Him Young

In a new interview with CNN, Alice Cooper said that he stays young by staying on the road and keeping involved musically:

"A lot of times you'll be on the road," he said. "You'll have a toothache, you'll have the flu. I don't care how bad you're feeling, when the curtain goes up and you're onstage and there's all those people, you don't feel anything. Maybe rock n' roll is just keeping us actually really young."

The 64-year-old shock rocker added during the segment on CNN's Road Warriors series that he always brings his golf clubs on tour with him:

"There's no place on Earth that doesn't have a golf course," he said. "I don't have to work until 9 at night. I can go play golf all day. Golf in the morning and rock and roll at night? Who has a better schedule than that?"

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