ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons Talks About Upcoming Solo Releases

Billy Gibbons sat down for an interview with M - Music & Musicians magazine to talk about his ever-evolving career, including some exciting solo projects on the horizon.

Regarding his guitar work, the ZZ Top axeman says these days he subscribes to the less-is-more philosophy:

"It's so much better to express yourself in 12 notes than it might be in 24," he said. "The spaces between the notes are music, too, so there's a whole lot there and it's more comfortable to play and hear if you don't overwhelm everybody."

Gibbons also dished on a "spate" of new solo releases:

"There's a spate of BFG [Billy F. Gibbons] solo releases pending, and we hope those are out before long," he said. "It's electronica-skewed work and certainly won't be confused with ZZ Top, which is the very point. Why do something different if it sounds the same?"

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