Farmers Cleared Of Electric Light Orchestra Cellist Mike Edwards' Death

Mike Edwards, former cellist for Electric Light Orchestra, who was crushed to death by a 1,300-pound hay bale that rolled down a field and landed on his van, was not the subject of negligence on behalf of a pair of farmers.

According to the BBC, the farmers - Brian Burden and Russell Williams - were "not guilty of health and safety offenses," according to a court of law.

Prosecutors questioned whether the farmers had failed to secure the bale, but the court determined that the men had taken proper measures, and, as originally ruled, Edwards' death was of an accidental nature.

Edwards, a member of ELO from 1972 to 75, was working for a water delivery company at the time of the mishap. He played on such hits as "Roll Over Beethoven," "Showdown" and "Can't Get It Out of My Head."

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