Beatles Failed Audition Tape Up For Auction

The 1962 tape of the Beatles' failed audition at Decca will go up for auction on Tuesday (November 27). London's Fame Bureau, which specializes in rock memorabilia, will auction off one of the tapes from the session. "It is totally unique and the sound quality is crystal clear," Ted Owen of the Fame Bureau told the Telegraph.

"They are copying the American style, the style of artists like Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry. Those were the days of Rock and Roll and everybody who was trying to make a name for themselves were trying to replicate that style."

The two-track mono tape up for sale, which featured original drummer Pete Best, contains 10 of the 15 songs recorded during the Decca audition. Three of them, "Searchin," "Three Cool Cats" and an early Lennon-McCartney composition, "Like Dreamers Do," appeared on the Beatles' Anthology 1, which was released in 1995.

The tape is expected to fetch between 18,000 ($28,800) and 20,000 ($32,000).

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