Peter Frampton Releases Fan Packs Of FCA! 35

Fans now have a new way to commemorate the release of Peter Frampton's FCA 35! Tour - An Evening With Peter Frampton sets that were released earlier this month, with Super Fanpacks.

The three new Super Fanpacks, which are available exclusively through Universal Music Group's website, include the CD, digital and DVD/Blu-ray of FCA 35! Tour - An Evening With Peter Frampton and a souvenir photo book autographed by Frampton.

Fanpacks A and B also contain a t-shirt, with A's shirt being black and B's shirt creme. Prices for the sets range from $59.98 ($64.98 for Blu-ray) for Fanpack C to $69.98 ($74.98 for Blu-ray) for either Fanpack A or B.

FCA! 35 Tour: An Evening With Peter Frampton captures Frampton's successful tour in honor of the 35th anniversary of 1977's Frampton Comes Alive.

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