Ozzy Says New Sabbath Album 'Unpredictable'

Ozzy Osbourne is offering up some details on the upcoming Black Sabbath album, suggesting fans may be surprised by what they hear on the long-awaited Sabbath reunion album. Osbourne told the New Zealand Herald that the band does not follow a particular songwriting template:

"Black Sabbath is very unique in the respect that nothing is formulated. It's very unpredictable. I just hope the people who have waited all these years aren't disappointed."

Furthermore, the band is in a different state of mind than they were when they recorded in the 1970s:

"What's different now is that none of us get drunk or stoned or any of that stuff. We're all clean, and all in control of ourselves, we're not intimidated by each other, there are no arguments, and it's the way it should be."

The band is shooting for an April release date for the album and are scheduled to return to the stage in Australia and New Zealand in 2013.

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