Engineer Speaks On Unreleased Hendrix Track

Famed audio engineer Eddie Kramer has previewed a sample from the forthcoming Jimi Hendrix release People, Hell and Angels. The track is called "Somewhere" and features Jimi on lead guitar and vocals with Stephen Stills on bass and Buddy Miles on drums.

"He hadn't worked with them before, but here he is establishing his independence by doing this track without Chas [Chandler], and it yields this track called 'Somewhere'," Kramer said in a statement.

"It's an amazing example of Jimi's control of the wah wah, the tone of the wah wah, how that affects the whole song. It projects itself through the track."

He also adds that it's a particularly good example of Jimi's delicate vocals:

"Jimi's vocal encapsulates this lovely softness in his voice. It's wonderful."

The album is set for release in March.

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