New Deep Purple Album Coming In April

Deep Purple is set to release their 19th album this April. The album is their first since 2005's Rapture In The Deep and will be produced by Bob Ezrin, who has worked with Pink Floyd, Kansas and Alice Cooper.

Despite the album release being confirmed, the U.K. rock band is still up in the air on what to call it. "There's a big question mark over the name at the moment," said frontman Ian Gillian to Classic Rock. "And possibly an exclamation mark as well. You can read what you like into what I've just said."

"All will become clear - as mud - later on," he continued. "That's all I'm allowed to say. The question mark and the exclamation mark might get you intrigued."

While no album title has been revealed, several track titles have including "Out Of Hand", "Hell To Pay", "Weirdistan" and "Uncommon Man." A tribute to their keyboardist Jon Lord, who died in July, will be titled "Above And Beyond."

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