Mick Jagger Angers Fans With Hurricane Sandy Joke

Though fans were excited to see the Rolling Stones take the stage at the historic 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy benefit concert, some were angered by comments made by frontman Mick Jagger.

Jagger made headlines when he compared the hurricane to rain in London. He told the crowd, "This has got to be the largest collection of old English musicians ever assembled in Madison Square Garden." He then added, "But I've got to say, if it rains in London, you've got to come and help us, OK?"

Enraged fans took to Twitter to express their anger, tweeting comments like, "Anyone else think Jagger's 'if it rains in London, you guys have to help us' line was a bit out of bounds?"; and "I cant believe mick jagger said 'if it rains in London I want you guys to come help us' what a scumbag thing to say. No1 asked for u old bag."

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