Charlie Daniels Undergoes Surgery To Repair Rotator Cuff

Charlie Daniels, fiddler and country legend, is convalescing from rotator cuff surgery. A rep for the "Devil Went Down to Georgia" singer hit Twitter to apprise fans of his condition:

"Charlie's rotator cuff surgery went very well! He is in recovery and will be going home soon. Thank you for all the prayers! - Team #CDB."

Daniels, who last performed on December 10 in Las Vegas, informed fans of the procedure on December 16:

"I'm having rotator cuff repair in the morning and have to be there at early 30 probably won't make the whole game, back on twitter Tue I hope."

In April, the star underwent Smart Eye Surgery, a procedure that is intended to restore eyesight. Daniels said:

"I'm just looking forward to not having to reach up and pat around the table for glasses when I get up in the morning to see where I'm going."

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