Rolling Stones Hint At More Shows In 2013

Earlier this month, Keith Richards suggested that the Rolling Stones would schedule more dates beyond the four 50th anny shows the band has already performed.

Now, Mick Jagger has somewhat doused the flames of speculation. After the band's gig at Newark's Prudential Center, Jag seemed to contradict Richard's claim:

"This is our last show . . . of the 50th anniversary tour. Hope to see you again soon."

However, guitarist Mick Taylor, speaking with Billboard, indicated the opposite:

"I think everybody is having a good time on stage. It's more than just nostalgia. I think they just feel re-energized and possibly very enthusiastic about doing things in the future."

So far, the Stones have been rumored to play Coachella fest in the U.S. and Glastonbury in the U.K in 2013.

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