Neil Young Applies For New Trademarks For Pono

Neil Young's much hyped high-quality music downloading service, Pono, is a couple steps closer to realization. On the brand's website, it was recently posted that Young had applied for federal trademarks for two slogans "Pono Promise" and "21st Century Digital."

According to documents on file with the United States Patent and Trademarks Office, the applications are for "cases for audio tuners, audio receivers, amplifiers, tape players, compact disc players, MP3 controllers/players, audio mixers, audio speakers in the nature of music studio monitors, microphones, audio speakers, compact discs, audio tapes, portable computers, antennas, phonographic record players, audio recording equipment."

In addition to his trademark applications, Young recently raised $500,000 in venture capital for his service.

Earlier this month, Young tweeted that Pono will roll out its cloud-based music library component and portable digital-to-analog players by summer.

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