Black Crowes To Reunite, Tour In 2013

The Black Crowes will reunite for a tour of the U.S. and U.K. in 2013. The 26-date trek will kick off on March 24 in Manchester, England and is currently scheduled through May 4 in New Orleans. While the exact lineup for 2013 has not yet been confirmed, this tour marks the end of the band's three-year hiatus.

In fact, this latest hiatus was the second time the band took a 3-year break. Back in 2002, the band split up and went their separate ways only to reunite in 2005. Back in 2010, right before the second 3-year break, frontman Chris Robinson told Billboard that the break had nothing to do with the band's often publicized personal quarrels.

"The real story is it's been five solid years of touring and three records and DVDs, and it's more about having a little bit of space and taking a breath away from the thing."

One notable gig on the upcoming tour will be the April 23 show in front of their hometown of Atlanta, GA, at the Tabernacle.

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