Bowie's Guitarist Says He's Hoping For A Tour

David Bowie's longtime guitarist Earl Slick says he and the rest of the band are hoping for a tour soon. Bowie shook the music world earlier this month with word of his first album in a decade - but, according to Slick, there are no firm touring plans yet.

"We don't know. Obviously, we want him to. But right now, that's a big if . . . I could get a phone call tomorrow saying, 'Hey, you know what? Here's the setlist' . . . Obviously, the band would love to go out," he told Classic Rock magazine.

Slick added that he recorded his parts for Bowie's latest, The Next Day, over the summer:

"David got in touch with me out of the blue, and he said, 'I'm ready to go back in. What are you doing? Are you around? Are you touring?' I said, 'No, just get me some dates.' We started banging dates around - and he was already recording - and I went in and did all my stuff in July."

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