George Harrison's Widow Turns Down Statue Offer

George Harrison's widow, Olivia, has reportedly passed up an offer to have a bronze statue of her late husband erected in his last town of residence. The pair lived in Henley-on-Thames, England until Harrison's death in 2001 and a local artist proposed the statue last summer.

Artist James Lambert started a petition to build a tribute to Harrison, explaining his motive to the BBC:

"George really got involved in a lot of community matters. He helped to try and save the local cinema, he worked with a lot of local businesses and communities to try and raise their profiles . . . he rescued the local garden center by buying all the plants."

Olivia turned down the offer, explaining herself, in turn, in a statement to the Daily Mirror:

"After many years of ­thoughtful consideration, and with great appreciation of the sentiment towards George, we have decided that a more appropriate way of honouring his memory in Henley would be to support a community project. We will announce the details in the summer."

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