Freddie Mercury's Rolls Royce Sold At Auction

A 1974 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, purchased by the late Freddie Mercury in 1979, was sold at the Autosport International auction, fetching $120,000. According to the Daily Telegraph, the vehicle was sold to Ukrainian singer Andrei Danilko.

The selling price was six times greater than the price listed in the guide book for the car which features grey leather, wood trim, electric windows, automatic gearbox, a car phone and radio cassette player.

Mercury drove the Silver Shadow, which has 62,000 miles of use on its 6.75 liter V8 engine until his death in 1991.

Mercury's Royce is unique not only because he owned it, but also because the Silver Shadow introduced many new features to the automotive world, such as disc rather than drum brakes, and independent rear suspension, instead of the outdated live axle design featured in other cars.

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