Black Star Riders Releasing Snippets Of New Material

The Black Star Riders, the new incarnation of Thin Lizzy, have released snippets of their new material via their YouTube channel. The band is currently recording in California with producer Kevin Shirley.

In one video, guitarist Damon Johnson explains the recording process to fans:

"Ricky (Warwick) or I would bring in a song idea, and as soon as Scott starts playing on it, it sounds like Thin Lizzy, whether Scott realizes it or not. Everybody who's heard the new music says it has that classic Thin Lizzy vibe. No, it can't sound like the original band. But that classic Lizzy vibe is absolutely there."

BSR feature Scott Gorham (guitar), Warwick (vocals), Damon Johnson(guitar), Marco Mendoza (bass) and new member Jimmy Degrasso (drums).

The band does not include current Thin Lizzy drummer Darren Wharton or co-founder Brian Downey.

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