Eric Burdon Releases 'Old Habits Die Hard' Online

Eric Burdon, former singer of the Animals and War, has released another single, "Old Habits Die Hard," from his new solo album, 'Til Your River Runs Dry.

Socially conscious singles from the record continue with Burdon's latest, which he says is inspired by civil disobedience:

"In a sense it's not me - it's me playing a part. I tried to put myself into the mind of people I knew in Paris in 1968, who were on the barricades against the police."

"And recently with the Occupy movement: you may know in your heart of hearts that they're losers and they're not going to win. But who cares? It's the doing that counts," he added.

Ultimate Classic Rock calls the track "pure, gritty rock and roll with driving guitars, pounding drums and rollicking piano." 'Til Your River Runs Dry hits January 29 on ABKCO Records.

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