Mick Jagger Named Most Stylish Rockstar Ever

Mick Jagger has been named the most stylish rock star ever by Complex magazine. The Rolling Stones frontman topped the list of 50 stars that also included Prince (#2), David Bowie (#3), John Lennon (#7), and Jagger's bandmate Keith Richards (#6).

Complex had a host of compliments for the Stones frontman:

"Hands-down one of the best-dressed musicians of all-time, he definitely set the bar for flamboyant frontmen. From his crazy stage antics to his bad boy edge, his style reflected his personality perfectly: it was something that needed to be tamed, but functioned best when it was wild."

Jagger's senior citizen status did not hurt his standing among the editorial staff of the publication: "Even today, he wears silk scarves and suits with more rakish appeal than most men - and he's pushing 70."

Other notable rockers to make the list include Slash, Keith Moon, Lemmy, Johnny Rotten, Freddie Mercury, Billy Gibbons and Axl Rose.

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