Mick Jagger Hints At Possible Rolling Stones Festival Dates

Mick Jagger has dropped the hint that the Rolling Stones may be preparing to hit at least one of the major summer festivals. Speaking with NME, the rock legend said he was wary of revealing any details, but that the band is fielding offers:

"Well, I'm just looking at what offers are coming in for this year and sorting them out. I hate announcing things when they're not booked. People are always like, 'Yakety yak, you didn't do that in the end', and I say, 'Well, yeah, we never really announced it!'"

He was later asked specifically if they would consider Glastonbury:

"There are other things in the world, you know, apart from Glastonbury. But then again, Glastonbury is very important. It seems to be very important to my children -- highlight of their year!"

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