Rush Wins 2013 Ultimate Classic Rock Bowl

Rush has won the 2013 Ultimate Classic Rock Bowl, an online polling tournament hosted by The tourney saw 16 of rock's most recognizable names go head to head with fans who determined the outcome.

Rush had to beat a bevy of rock royalty for the honor, including Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aerosmith, Van Halen and Guns n' Roses. In the final battle versus GNR, 200,000 votes were cast with 57 percent of voters going Rush's way.

GNR had some surprising victories including a first-round knock-out of the Rolling Stones, a second-round elimination of Led Zeppelin and a third-round victory over the Beatles.

But Rush proved to be too tough of a competitor, though, and the Gunners had to finally concede the crown.

According to the site, more than 640,000 votes were cast over the course of the tournament.

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