Beatles Record Player Sells For $12,000

A 1964 NEMS Beatles record player sold for over $12,000 in an eBay auction recently. The device, reportedly in near-mint condition, has all of its original parts intact, and is one of just 5,000 originally produced.

According to James Massey, publisher of, the sale is record-setting:

"In all my years of tracking auctions, this is by far the highest price I've personally seen one fetch," he said. "Probably due to its near-mint condition. But, now that others have seen it, and know what to look for. I wouldn't surprised if others start turning up."

The seller played up the condition of the unit to his advantage:

"Folks, this one is it! The winner of the all time best record player I have ever offered for sale, and it even edges the one I owned myself in 1982, which before now. Held the title!"

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