John Fogerty's New Album Revisits Old Creedence Clearwater Revival Classics

John Fogerty has a new album, Wrote a Song for Everyone, a compilation of Creedence Clearwater Revival tracks featuring a host of guests.

Those lending a hand on the album include Kid Rock, Foo Fighters, Bob Seger and others. Fogerty told Rolling Stone that he does not, however, intend the album to be a throwaway:

"It's no nostalgia fest. It's like they're new songs . . . I didn't want to just mail people tracks," he added, "because then everyone would just do 'Proud Mary' like the old record."

Instead, he said, he went to New Orleans where he laid down the track with Allen Toussaint. Others to assist include Jennifer Hudson and My Morning Jacket's Jim James, who adds vocals on "Long As I Can See the Light."

Wrote a Song for Everyone is due sometime this fall.

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