Primal Scream Reveal More Details About Robert Plant Collaboration

More details have surfaced about Robert Plant's forthcoming collaboration with Primal Scream. The news came via band member Andrew Innes, who told the Daily Mail that they first connected in a chance encounter at the post office.

"Robert has a house near our studio. It is bizarre. We see him in the post office all the time. We were in the post office when he asked us what we were up to and Bobby told him we were working on the new record," Innes explained.

"He made the mistake of asking if we needed any help, so we got back to him and asked him to come and help us out. We also meet him from time to time in the nearby Russian tea room and walking down the street. It is weird to think, 'Here's the hammer of the gods coming'. But you don't want to be at the back of the post office queue with Robert Plant on pension day."

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