New Film Will Focus On David Bowie And Iggy Pop's Berlin Era

A new film is set to detail the era in which David Bowie and Iggy Pop were both living in Berlin. The film is from director Gabriel Range, and is tentatively titled Lust For Life.

Producer Egoli Tossell spoke with the The Guardian on the film, quipping, "[This] is not a traditional rock biopic [because] no one dies at the end."

The two rockers moved to West Germany in 1977, allowing Bowie to connect with Iggy on his first two solo records.

David spoke on the era with Uncut in 2001:

"Berlin was the first time in years that I had felt a joy of life and a great feeling of release and healing. Some days the [we] would jump into the car and drive like crazy through East Germany and head down to the Black Forest . . . At night we'd hang with the intellectuals and beats at the Exile restaurant in Kreuzberg."

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