Mick Jagger Speaks Out Against New Rolling Stones-Inspired Memoir

Rolling Stones fronter Mick Jagger is raising his voice against the publication of a new memoir from Prince Rupert Loewenstein, the band's financial adviser from 1968-2007, titled A Prince Among Stones: That Business with the Rolling Stones and Other Adventures.

The story purports to tell the story of how Loewenstein saved the band from financial ruin, transforming them into the cash cow they are today.

Jagger, in a statement to the Daily Mail, didn't note any specific objections, saying he was opposed to the premise of the book generally:

"Call me old fashioned, but I don't think your ex-bank manager should be discussing your financial dealings and personal information in public. It just goes to show that well brought-up people don't always display good manners."

Loewenstein's book hits March 5.

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