Robert Plant Hints At Zeppelin Tour In 2014

Robert Plant, singer for Led Zeppelin, hinted, during an interview on Australia's 60 Minutes, that the band may be planning a 2014 tour. "I've got nothing to do in 2014," said a coy Plant on the program.

"They are Capricorns and don't say a word. I'm not the bad guy. You need to see the Capricorns," Plant added of band mates Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, suggesting that they were to blame for the lack of a positive confirmation.

Plant, Jones and Page recently released a recording of their 2007 one-off concert in London as a CD/DVD called Celebration Day.

In 2012, a reporter asked Plant, during a presser in New York, whether the band would be touring soon; the journo was called a "schmuck" for his efforts.

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